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Air Canada Nightmare
Lin and Michael
*edited entry*

I am editing this entry to get to the point because I think my commentary and opinions are lost on people so here is the edited version of the story with the facts that outrage me:

It has been years since i have used my livejournal but I have an issue that would really benefit from social media exposure. I have been trying for a week to get in touch with Air Canada complaints (for which they have no actual phone number) about this but no one will respond to me, so here I am

Over the holidays, my partner and his brother were in Australia. As they get ready to return home after a month away, they realize that they made a big mistake and misread their return date. Totally their mistake, which they own. So they call their airline, Air Canada, for help, expecting they would get some sort of support. It never occurred to them they would be completely disregarded and left stranded in a foreign country with not even a suggestion of how to proceed, but that was literally how it went.

After being put on hold for a half an hour, the agent returns and finally tells them “Sorry, there is nothing we can do.” my partner asks (very calmly), “So we’re trapped here?’ Her response? “On behalf of Air Canada, have a nice day!” *click*

Yep, you read that correctly. She hung up on them. Just like that. No suggestions about possibly moving them to another flight for a fee, not even offering to book them another at full price, though stand-by would have been their most reasonable option (a process that they know nothing about). The agent simply hung up on them.

Is this anyone's idea of acceptable customer service? When you call a reservations line for help rebooking a flight you missed and have no idea what the procedure is, you expect someone to tell you what to do next. She didn't even tell them what she was doing the entire time they were on hold; she could have been chatting with her neighbours for all they knew, because the only response they got was “I’m still looking into this” every few minutes, and then finally “Sorry, there is nothing we can do.”

They ended up booking with another airline but this is unacceptable treatment that deserves to be addressed. It has been over a week since they have been home and I have been trying to get Air Canada to respond with a complaints contact number or a way to proceed but still nothing. Is anyone out there?

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